Meatless Monday Facts

9 Meatless Monday Facts Who came up with Meatless Mondays? Meatless Monday was started in 2003 by a man named Sid Lerner along with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the Center for a Liveable Future. Together, they launched this global campaign to reduce meat consumption worldwide.  Since then, The Monday Campaigns and […]

Dinner Theme Ideas


Family meal-planning can be frustrating and tedious. If you’re bored with your weekly menu and tired of brainstorming new ideas, here’s a solution. Themed dinners. No one wants to eat stir fry for the fifth time in a month. Switch things up! Choose a theme for each day of the week, and let the creative […]

Beginner’s Guide to a Mostly Plant-Based Diet

Introduction Eating a plant-based diet has lots of benefits, not just for you but for the environment too. But starting something new can feel overwhelming and stir up lots of questions. Is the food any good? Are the recipes impossible to cook? Will this new diet actually deliver on the benefits it claims? Will you […]

How to Plan & What to Expect on a No Meat Diet for 30 Days


No Meat Diet For 30 Days As A Less Restrictive Short-Term Version Of A Vegetarian Diet Let’s do this! You already know plant-based eating is good for your health. Famous athletes like seven-time Grand Slam Winner Venus Williams and three-time snowboarding Olympic medalist Hannah Teter are big fans of the plant-based lifestyle.  Even 2014’s Mr. […]

Can Bread be Part of a Plant Based Diet?

What Is A Plant-Based Diet? Eating a plant-based diet means you’re choosing as many healthy, whole, unprocessed foods as possible. It means you’re avoiding meat altogether and consuming other animal-based products in moderation.  There are different types of plant-based eaters. And they often vary in some of the foods they allow and avoid in their […]

10 Delicious & Easy Plant-Based Breakfast Recipes

What is a Plant-based Diet? Plant-based eating can sometimes sound mysterious. Are you just eating piles of leaves and foraging for food in the woods? Are you supposed to eat green plants at every single meal? What’s off the table when preparing healthy, plant-based foods? If you’re curious about plant-based diets, let me clear up […]

How to Eat a Plant-Based Diet on a Tight Budget

What is a Plant-based Diet Thanks to Netflix documentaries, like What the Health (2017), Cowspiracy (2014), and Forks Over Knives (2011), more and more people are joining the world-wide movement to eat more plants for the sake of the environment and their own health. Plant-based eating means you’re choosing to eat as many healthy, whole foods and plant-based meals as possible. […]

Vegan/Plant-Based Diet Food Pyramid

Creating A Healthy Plant-based Diet My friend once put diesel fuel in her new boyfriend’s gasoline-powered truck. It was terrible. The engine died and so did their relationship. It turns out, the kind of fuel you choose matters.  Our bodies work the same way. Just like diesel can clog up your engine’s filter, junk food […]

Snack Ideas for a Plant Based Diet

Are you a snacker? Of course you are! Who isn’t a snacker? Road trips. Movie nights. Vacations. Girls’ weekends. Late nights. Snacks are an important part of almost every fun experience. Right? What’s your go-to? Doritos? M&Ms? BBQ chips? Sour Patch Kids? Chocolate chip cookies?  Okay, enough of that. My mouth is watering.  My husband […]

What’s the Difference between Vegan, Vegetarian, & Pescatarian Diets?

Vegan Diet: Wanna hear a joke about becoming a vegan? I promise it won’t be cheesy. (ba-dum-tsh) Okay, bad jokes aside. Let’s dive into the details of the vegan lifestyle. You probably already know the kinds of foods vegans don’t eat. Foods like red meat, poultry, fish, milk, eggs, and dairy products are the ones they avoid. […]

Vegetarian Backpacking Meal Ideas

These Vegetarian Backpacking Meals Will Help You Go The Distance We stood at the base of the glacier, ice axes in hand, staring at the mountain of snow before us. Wide-eyed, we waited for our adventure to begin.  In 2013, I spent 40 incredible days backpacking in the backcountry of the Wyoming wilderness with Solid […]