Kaffree Roma No-Egg Nog Latte


Have you ever wondered if a plant-based version of this classic holiday drink was even possible?  It is now!  Follow this recipe, featuring Kaffree Roma, for all the eggnog feels without the egg! Makes 1 Serving Shop Kaffree Roma

neat Sugar Cookies with Strawberry Icing

Add another vegan dessert to your retinue by trying these sugar cookies covered by a delicious fruity glaze, made with strawberries and coconut. These cookies are powered and made gluten-free by the neat egg, which is mixed with vegan milk and flour to create the dough. Share these cookies with others at a party, or […]

neat Triple Chocolate Brownies

Triple up on delicious chocolatey flavor with these neat-made brownies, filled with chocolate chips and soft center, while surrounded by a crispy top and donned with powdered sugar. Packed with delight in every bite, each brownie is made with the vegan and gluten-free neat egg so everyone can enjoy! Makes 12 Brownies Shop neat

neat Pumpkin Ginger Cookies

Replace your traditional dessert with this ginger-molasses cookie recipe, producing either jumbo or regular-sized cookies with the vegan and gluten-free neat egg. Satisfy any sweet tooth with delicious pumpkin flavors and coarse sugar sprinkled on top for a warm snack. Makes 15 Jumbo Cookies / 36 Smaller Cookies Shop neat

Kaffree Roma Spiced Tiramisu

Next time you create a tiramisu dessert, spice it up with the caffeine-free Kaffree Roma. Made with whipped cream, ladyfingers, sugar, and mascarpone cheese, this vegetarian recipe serves as a luxury take on your favorite tiramisu. Enjoy using Kaffree Roma within the mixture to complement the sweet surroundings of this dessert that you and your […]

neat Linzer Tarts

Prepare a sweet treat for your loved one on Valentine’s Day with these Linzer tarts, made both vegan and gluten-free with the neat egg. Each tart contains ground nuts and cinnamon with a dollop of raspberry jam in the center and is a perfectly heart-sized dessert. Shop neat

Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies with the neat egg

Hey, Pumpkin!  These cinnamon and sugar topped, chewy pumpkin snickerdoodles will have your family reaching in the cookie jar all season long! Enjoy with the neat egg! Makes 36 Cookies Shop neat

Pumpkin Spice Cookies with the neat egg

pumkin spiced cookies

Pumpkin, spice, and all things nice!  These soft and chewy cookies are made with the neat egg, and are gluten-free and vegan too — extra nice! Makes 3 Dozen Cookies Shop neat

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies with the neat egg

What’s a whoopie pie, you ask?!  This sweet treat is of Pennsylvania Dutch origin, and the story goes that anyone who eats this cream-filled, cake-like, sandwich can’t help but proclaim, “Whoopie!”  You’ll hear extra praise for this plant-based and gluten-free pumpkin version which makes the perfect fall dessert made with the neat egg. Makes 12 […]

Pumpkin Roll with the neat egg

Celebrate all things fall with this spiced Pumpkin Roll.  It’s made with the neat egg and it’s all rolled up with a sweet cream filling, making for a cute and delicious plant-based dessert. Makes 12-15 Servings Shop neat

Linzer Star Cookies with the neat egg

Festive and Fun!  These beautiful, neat egg, Linzer star cookies will be the newest and prettiest addition to your next holiday cookie tray. Makes 2 Dozen Cookies Shop neat

Kaffree Roma Plant-Based Ice Cream

We all scream for caffeine-free Kaffree Roma ice cream!  This recipe is surprisingly plant-based and the perfect alternative to traditional coffee-flavored ice cream. Makes 8 Servings Shop Kaffree Roma