Tuno Tacos with Pomegranate Salsa


Take taco night to the next level with these festive and colorful plant-based fishless tacos, featuring Loma Linda Lemon Pepper Tuno and pomegranate salsa!   Makes 4 Servings. Shop TUNO Lemon Pepper

Thai Sweet Chili TUNO Sushi Recipe

Impress your friends with plant-based TUNO sushi, made at home!  Add your own creative twists with your favorite sushi add-ins:  Cucumber, carrot, avocado, or any combo you dream up! SERVINGS: Makes 3 rolls. Shop TUNO

Loma Linda Lemon Pepper TUNO Rice Bowl

Rice bowls are perfect for weeknight dinners when you need a healthy meal on your table. These flavorful bowls come together in 10 minutes flat and are made deliciously vegan with Loma Linda Lemon Pepper TUNO. Simply assemble with pre-cooked rice and dress your bowls with a rainbow of vegetables for an instant meal. Shop […]

Loma Linda TUNO Lemon Pepper Canapés

This TUNO canapé is one truly delicious appetizer which you can pull off in under 10 minutes. Reminiscent of a classic tuna salad canapé, this vegan version uses perfectly balanced, pre-seasoned Loma Linda’s Lemon Pepper TUNO. Making healthy appetizers has never been easier! Shop TUNO

Loma Linda TUNO Crab Cakes with Sriracha Mayo

Perfect for a seafood-inspired lunch, TUNO crab cakes are just as sustainable as they are tasty. These guilt-free vegan crab cakes are topped with panic bread crumbs and full of delicious vegetables and herbs. Choose any flavor of TUNO you desire and serve with sriracha mayo for an even more flavorful combination. Shop TUNO

TUNO Spring Water Seashells

Douse seashell pasta with ocean-safe TUNO Spring Water and a savory tomato sauce that when all together will make your mouth water for seafood flavors. A completely vegetarian option made possible by TUNO, this pasta is especially satisfying when served warm and alongside sour cream and eaten by the entire family. Delicious and healthy, enjoy […]

The Ultimate TUNO Melt

Any flavor of TUNO can be used to create this ultimate ocean-safe, flavor-packed, plant-based sandwich! Makes 4 Servings Shop TUNO

Pasta Primavera with TUNO Lemon Pepper

Pasta Primavera with Lemon Pepper TUNO

A colorful dish of fresh vegetables served over pasta and packed with plant-based protein that will leave your tastebuds wanting more! This delectable dish features our Lemon Pepper TUNO with an all-new texture and flavor! Serves 4-6 Shop TUNO