Loma Linda Chili Dog

An American classic made vegan. Get creative with your favorite toppings for this simple recipe. Makes 6 servings.

Unstuffed Vegan Peppers

When it comes to simple comfort dishes, nothing really beats stuffed peppers. They are juicy and tender peppers full of flavorful surprises inside! What we like most about the dish is the versatility which makes it an excellent choice for dinner menus. Typically stuffed peppers are filled with ground beef and spices, but they can […]

Stuffed Peppers

If you love the rustic flavors of stuffed peppers, you’ll adore this speedy version prepared using frozen vegetables and served in a way that’s easy to make in advance. It offers all the comforting flavors in a quick-to-make vegan dish, using the traditional flavors of Vegetarian Burger. Mixed with rice, peppers, and fajita seasoning, this […]

Bibimbap with Grilled Prime Stake

A popular Korean dish which literally translates – “mixed rice”. This is a vegetarian version with a variety of colorful sautéed vegetables, stir fried stakes and spicy- sweet gochujang sauce. This dish is addictive!Servings – 2-3 Prep Time – 20 minutes Cooking Time – 20 minutes Shop Loma Linda

Swiss Stake with Gravy Over Mashed Potatoes and Buttered Peas

Swiss Stake is a perfect family dinner; it’s easy to prepare and can be assembled in minutes. What’s better.. it’s vegetarian! Presented here in its classical form along with mashed potatoes and butter peas. Trust us, you won’t be able to resist it! Servings – 1 Prep Time – 5 mins Cooking Time –10 mins […]

Loma Linda Mexican Casserole

For your next casserole, combine two Loma Linda favorites in 5 Bean Chili and Veja-Links to create a delicious Mexican-style meal that’s perfect for vegetarians. Complimented with taco sauce and Monterey Jack cheese, this casserole can also be topped with crushed chips and vegetables like tomato for a healthy and flavorful dinner. Shop Loma Linda

Loma Linda Easy Chik Pot Pie

Create a batch of medium-sized pot pies for your next family dinner, each of which combines Loma Linda Diced Chik, vegetables like peas, and carrots, in addition to mushroom soup cream for a delicious vegetarian baked meal. Enjoy this comforting pot pie dish while remaining healthy with a packed selection of vegetables and warm, plant-based […]

Loma Linda Garden Burger with Avocado Mint Aioli

Enjoy one or several of these Loma Linda Vege-Burger mini patties are placed in a bun with a bounty of garden vegetables and topped with a refreshing avocado mint aioli. Perfect for a weekend brunch, each burger is completely vegan but still contains a hearty and solid texture to the patties. Pair with fries or […]

Loma Linda FriChik Cheesy Bean Dip

Dig into this delicious and easy-to-make Southwest-style dip made with Loma Linda FriChik Original, beans, salsa, and vegan cheese, all of which are layered up and warmed in the oven. Creamy, cheesy, and entirely vegan, this dip is perfect for all of your guests and provides a flavorful topping to all your chips. Serves as […]

Loma Linda Super-Link Paprikash

A flavorful combination of Loma Linda Super-Links and traditional Hungarian spices such as paprika, this warm paprikash is low in fat and has a comforting and meaty texture. Filled also with herbs and vegetables like peppers, potatoes, serrano chili, and dill, this paprikash is entirely vegan and can be eaten as is after simmering. Either […]

Loma Linda FriChik Oven Stew

Oven-bake a hearty vegetarian chicken stew, using Loma Linda FriChik Original as a meat replacement alongside potatoes, tomatoes, onions, and peppers for a winter meal you can’t resist. With chunks of FriChik and vegetables in a warm broth, this stew is as comforting as it is healthy. Not only is it easy to prepare and […]

Loma Linda Eggplant Chili

Add another option when hankering for vegan chili with this eggplant-based mix that also includes spice in the form of paprika and jalapeño and plant-based protein from Loma Linda Chili. This eggplant chili is especially comforting when placed on top of noodles to provide a warm and nutritious protein addition to your next dinner. Shop […]

Loma Linda Jollof FriChik and Rice

Enjoy this version of Jollof, a classic West African dish that combines spicy rice with fried bananas or plantains. Created using FriChik Original and packed with delicious herb flavors, this unique banana-based meal tastes great when topped with vegetables. FriChik Jollof is also completely vegetarian and healthy and is bound to please all who try […]

Loma Linda Veggie Dog Roll-Ups

Create an upgraded version of veggie dogs and roll them up inside egg wrappers and top with a skillet mixture for a spicy and comforting set of hand food. These rolls are low in fat and calories by using Low Fat Veja-Links, which also keeps the entire appetizer completely vegan. Introduce the roll-ups to your […]

Loma Linda Hawaiian Sweet & Sour Big Franks

Loma Linda Hawaiian Sweet-Sour-Hot Vegan Big Franks

Combine the flavors of pineapple with vegan Big Franks and poblano peppers for a classic and relaxed Hawaiian fusion. With the texture and taste of sausage, Big Franks strips feature in this recipe mixed with vegetables and fruits served over steamed rice. Create this delicious and healthy dish when pining for a sunny beachside, and […]